With 20+ years of proven civic engagement and community transformation success in the St. Louis area and beyond, Felicia is a powerful keynote speaker, inspiring others to expand their personal and social perspectives.

Why are the stakes high for your community?
Research has proven that diverse communities are the most innovative, progressive environments, because different experiences and opinions expand our understanding of the world around us. However, facing unfamiliar perspectives and beliefs can be an uncomfortable endeavor. As leaders in your community, it is critical that you settle into this discomfort and stretch into new perspectives.

What does Create Community LLC founder Felicia Pulliam bring to the table?
A longtime educator, designer and director of community and advanced leadership programs, Felicia has brought to light matters of diversity, inclusion, and social justice at national conferences, development workshops, and events. Using her knowledge of community transformation, citizen engagement, capacity building, racial equity, and economic mobility, Felicia has inspired thousands of people to positively impact their communities.

How will the audience be impacted?
Audiences will discover how to successfully embrace ever-changing dynamics and how to communicate with more awareness of diversity. More importantly, audiences will learn how to avoid mistakes in a highly charged environment with racial equity and intersecting issues at the center.

Corporate and Event Training
"Civics, Civility, and Conversation"

Develop corporate awareness in this learning immersion experience, which uncovers and addresses the history of race and racism, social injustice, and and need for equity across a spectrum of interests.

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Felicia Pulliam

About Felicia

Felicia Pulliam is the CEO and Keynote Speaker of Create Community LLC, providing customized community engagement support to organizations and corporate clients. Since 2000, she has achieved remarkable success broadening social perspectives within communities and organizations, presenting on topics such as citizen engagement, capacity building, racial equity, and economic mobility. A true problem solver and expert fundraiser, Felicia graduated from Xavier University with a BA in Political Science and Sociology and earned her Juris Doctor from Tulane Law School. She was appointed to the Ferguson Commission by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon in 2014 and co-chaired the Economic Inequity and Opportunity working group charged with designing a strategy to promote economic mobility.

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Felicia Pulliam, J.D.