Create Community LLC is a professional community engagement and capacity building consultation service led by Felicia Pulliam, who has 20+ years of experience in civic engagement and community transformation. Our objective is to support clients as they attempt greater understanding of the world around them and build stronger relationships to meet strategic goals. We address topics such as citizen engagement, capacity building, racial equity, and economic mobility, depending on the needs of the client.

Our clients discover personal and social perspectives hidden in plain sight, encouraging emerging and established leaders to reflect on their community and position within it. Create Community LLC inspires creation and confidence, motivating clients to dream about a better future and work in a way that positively impacts their community and beyond. As new pathways of personal and professional growth are pursued, clients will begin to appreciate equity in service to their communities.

Our Offerings


Every project is specific to the client. Create Community LLC starts by learning about client aspirations and then determines how to guide a program. We work with organizational leaders to design a strategy, outline a process, and align its implementation with the organization's culture.

Our strategic planning allows us to create, coordinate and manage efforts that advance success. The world needs problem solvers to address the most pressing economic, social, cultural and professional civic challenges. Create Community LLC is here to help!